[Rumor] Snoop Dogg reveals something about – probably – GTA VI

In a podcast, the rapper "unintentionally" revealed that Dr. Dre is in studio, working for the franchise.


The world is still playing the GTA V and waiting to play the 3D era remasters, but the question that matters is what about GTA VI? Since Rockstar keeps quiet, there's a revelation coming from someone we could never have expected: Snoop Dogg. Really.

In an interview with Rolling Stone's Music Now podcast, the veteran spoke among other things about the future project of fellow Dr. Dre. And delivered that he's working on something for the franchise.

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Dr. Dre hasn't released an album since Compton (2015), and the promised Detox has been in endless process to be finished since then. But according to Dogg, his music will be first in the Grand Theft Auto series. Dogg himself may be working on something for Rockstar.

imagem insider gta vi
Months ago, an insider unveiled GTA VI's conceptual image that suggests a female protagonist, and settings similar to Vice City.

"I know he's in the studio," Dogg said in the episode that airs tomorrow on SiriusXM's Volume radio channel and on the podcast, on November 3rd. "I know he's making f*cking good music. And some of his songs are connected with the upcoming GTA game. So I think it will be how his music will be released, through a GTA game."

Speculations about GTA VI

Rolling Stone approached Rockstar, who declined to comment; Dr. Dre did not respond to the magazine. The company has no official announcements or news about the long-awaited GTA 6.

Weeks ago, Twitter account ThatsSoBold, which published about celebrities, posted alleged revelations about the game. They said, among others, that GTA VI will have a map "three times larger than GTA V", but it won't be fixed: it will have updates, in a format similar to Fortnite and PUBG.

In addition, the plot will take place in "Miami", a city with tornadoes and crocodiles. And a reveal trailer is due out in 2021, between November and December.

Coincidence or not, the Twitter account was banned shortly after, while the Instagram account was supposedly suspended. Followers say that Rockstar acted by asking for the content to be removed.

rumor gta vi thatssobold

Another recent rumor talks about parts of the game happening outside the United States – what would be new for the franchise. The source is an advertisement for Rockstar looking for art professionals. In the ad, the job description includes "Discussing and planning possible scanning locations with the art team, both local and international."

In other words: there are plans to search for locations outside the United States. It doesn't mean much; a scanned natural setting does not have to be the real, origin country when inserted into a game.

With the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition collection ready for release on 11/11, it's unlikely for Dogg to be talking about it. So it must be the first "almost-official" revelation about GTA VI.

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