What is Memória BIT about? Old games and much more

    Retrogaming, currrent-gen games sometimes, old technology stuff, movies and TV: all that you will see around here. And more retrogaming.


    In this first post, I could make a long speech about the wonders of past technologies, but I think it would be useless. At least as an attempt to convince someone to read and follow the next articles. Good part of the "internet users" are very young – enough to have grown up with MP3s and PlayStations, and probably aren't interested in knowing much about the great Atari Era, Sega vs Nintendo, Pac Man, vinyl records, Congas*, Kichutes* and Monaretas*.

    * This post was originally written in Brazilian Portuguese, so there are many references to Brazil. Conga and Kichute are shoes that children wore in the 80s, and Monareta is a bicycle model produced by the Brazilian company Monark, very popular among Brazilian children at that time.

    After all, why have fun with 32-color (or less) and half a dozen pixels (or less?!), when we have perfect graphics and games that look like real life?

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    River Raid
    If a little plane shooting colorful pixels provided hours of fun back then... why not today?

    But yes, there are always young people interested in history and "old people" who, even though they are in their early thirties [cough...], are still interested in their childhood and teenage fun.

    Of course, not with the same childish interest, but rather touched by nostalgia, that healthy nostalgia that leads us to, from time to time – or once in a while – download an emulator and play some classics, remembering the times when we would set up our powerful machines at a friend's house, or at our own house, and get the whole gang together to play Pac Man, Street Fighter, F-Zero, Mortal Kombat, River Raid, etc.

    I believe that, for this age group, the blog's content will be very appealing (at least as I imagine developing it). For the younger ones, it is a place to learn a little about this rich culture that has been buried by technology, but has the potential to entertain many generations.

    Fun and games and thoughts

    Inevitably, the theme will not stray too far from:

    • Retrogaming - they will move the Memória BIT. From the beginning to around Nintendo 64 era, but the highlighted period will be between the 80s and 90s. Update: MB now is open to games of all generations.
    • General themes related to technology from around the same time, maybe earlier, maybe later.
    • News about old video games - emulator, art, trivia, remakes, indie retrogames, retroconsoles, videos, etc.
    • Image galleries. Wallpapers to make grown men cry and drool (and both). Game covers. Everything. After all, everyone loves pictures.
    • Occasional escapes to other musty-smelling matters.
    • Truly unimportant, nostalgic and philosophical musings.

    And in some articles, a mix of all of these. If you have any ideas, give your opinions, they will all be welcome.


    Memória BIT presents multiple types of content, spread across two main sections: Blog and ForumUpdate: due to lack of interest, the forum has been disabled. Maybe it might come back later.


    Multi-author. Any registered person can request a "promotion" to the position of contributor and start writing posts. Everything is detailed on the participation page. There is a prior moderation of the material, to ensure minimum quality. After the first publication is approved, the author becomes part of the regular team at Memória BIT.

    Those who don't like to write a lot can still take part through comments. All are read and welcome.

    The posts are divided into several categories:

    • Blog: news, personal accounts, miscellaneous stories, comparisons, etc. Each author says whatever comes to mind (within limits). This is the most open space for contributors to develop their ideas.
    • Reviews: game evaluations based on the authors' experience and opinions, without interference from the site. Don't agree with a low rating for a review? Log in and write your own. All reviews include additional information about the game, cover, etc.
    • Games: without personal reviews and containing only facts, such as the release and development history, technical data, images and videos. It is the most "encyclopedic" side of the site.
    • Biographies: the "encyclopedic" section with everything about the great names in the history of gaming.
    • Galleries of images with information and curiosities about the world of gaming and related topics.
    • Wallpapers: the downloads section is dedicated only to wallpapers, always available in various sizes. If you are a good drawer and want to promote your work here with a wallpaper about old games, it's a good place. Disabled due to lack of interest from the public.
    • Portfolios: art in general related to games and any other nerdy subject, such as movies, series and a ton of other things. Another good space to promote your work and, most importantly, to learn about new things. Disabled due to lack of interest from the public, but it can still appear in the "Galleries" section.

    Suggestions? We want to hear them.

    That's enough for now. If you want to know more, read the About page - I've written a lot there, that explains more about the aims of this humble blog.

    See you later!

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